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MCF7 cells

Study shows how breast cancer cells break free to spread in the body

A new study has identified how one important gene helps cancer cells break free from the primary tumor.
Light-activated peptide

Molecular “hats” allow in vivo activation of disguised signaling peptides

Using molecular "hats," researchers have developed a way to sneak biomaterials containing the signaling molecules into living animals.

Fish use chemical camouflage from diet to hide from predators

A species of small fish uses a homemade coral-scented cologne to hide from predators, a new study has shown, providing the first evidence of chemical camouflage from diet in fish.
Workers cleaning Taj Mahal

Carbon soot particles, dust blamed for discoloring India’s Taj Mahal

The Taj Mahal’s iconic marble dome and soaring minarets require regular cleaning to maintain their dazzling appearance, and scientists now know why.
View of Tech Square across the fifth street bridge

New effort underway to help people living with epilepsy

Collaboration aims to improve patient outcomes and deliver a higher standard of epilepsy care.

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What Are MOOCs Good For?

Tech summit addresses industry’s lack of diversity

Why the Taj Mahal is turning brown

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Georgia Tech's Wreck Driver

A Ride in the Ramblin' Wreck

The driver of Georgia Tech’s 1930 Model A Ford gives late-night rides home to students studying for exams.
Georgia Tech Trolley

Campus Services, Operations Altered during Winter Break

Dining, transportation, and many campus buildings will be closed or have limited hours during the break.

Laptops Available for Temporary Loans

Employees can check out laptops for temporary loans, including over the holiday break.
Electric Vehicles on Campus

Grant Increases Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

A grant from the Georgia Environmental Finance Authority (GEFA) to Tech’s Parking and Transportation Services will help the Institute expand its EV charging program by installing nine dual-port Level II chargers in visitor-accessible locations.
Georgia Tech Staff Council

Georgia Tech elects its first Staff Council

The results are in and, beginning in 2015, members of the new Staff Council will begin their term as the first elected representatives for staff at Georgia Tech.

News Blog

Adjusting to today’s cyber realities

In August 2013, less than a week after joining the faculty at Georgia Tech, Peter Swire was tapped to serve on President Barack Obama’s Review Group on Intelligence and Communications Technology. Swire, he Nancy J. and Lawrence P. Huang Professor of Law and Ethics...

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Peter Swire

Peter Swire

Nancy J. and Lawrence P. Huang Professor, in the Law and Ethics

Scheller College of Business

The Strategy to Keep Your New Year's Resolutions

You make (and maybe break) them every year. New year's resolutions. What are the keys to being successful as 2015 approaches? Brain power, hard work and strategy. That's the word from Georgia Tech's School of Psychology. Professor Ruth Kanfer says many studies show that people...

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Ruth Kanfer

Ruth Kanfer

School of Psychology, College of Sciences

Eric Schumacher

Eric Schumacher

Associate Professor
School of Psychology, College of Sciences

STEM is incredibly valuable, but STEAM makes it better

I am sympathetic to this argument for the value of STEAM (STEM+Art), rather than just STEM.  I strongly believe in the value of creative expression in learning STEM subjects.  That’s core to our...

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Mark Guzdial

Mark Guzdial

School of Interactive Computing, College of Computing

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