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Molybdenum disulfide sample

Researchers develop world’s thinnest electric generator

Researchers have made the first experimental observation of piezoelectricity and the piezotronic effect in an atomically thin material, molybdenum disulfide.
Maize root system

Automated imaging system looks underground to help improve crops

Researchers have developed an automated imaging technique for measuring and analyzing the root systems of mature plants.

Animals help people, get their own app

App created to highlight ways animals have helped engineers solve problems
Sidewinder in trackway

Snakes and snake-like robots show how sidewinders conquer sandy slopes

Researchers have learned how sidewinder snakes climb sandy slopes, and put that knowledge to work with a snake-like robot.
Captioning on Glass phone display

Researchers create software for Google Glass that provides captions for hard-of-hearing users

New software allows hard-of-hearing users to see captions in Google Glass.

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Building the Bionic Woman

Check It Out: App helps owners stay on top of car repairs

Cave-Exploring Snake Robot Gets Inspiration From Sidewinders

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Georgia Tech National Media Panel on Technology and the Future of Online Higher Education

Technology provides higher education with a bright future

The Georgia Institute of Technology organized a national media roundtable Thursday to discuss the current state of online learning in higher education and how technology will help shape its future.

Gamers Unite for 9th Annual Georgia Tech Gamefest

Around 800 people will spend the weekend gaming in Klaus.
Georgia Tech Homecoming Wreck Parade

Campus Begins Homecoming Celebration

Events will take place all week leading up to the football game against the University of Virginia on Nov. 1.
Catie Newell - After Curfew Exhibit

After Curfew, the Works of Artist Catie Newell

Tech Alumna Catie Newell is hosting an exhibit of her work in the Stubbins Gallery through Nov. 7.
Claire Batten with fellow students during Thanksgiving

Hosts Sought to Provide ‘Home for the Holidays’

International students and campus hosts can be matched to share a cross-cultural Thanksgiving.

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Ebola is scary, but other diseases can be scarier

As concerns and misconceptions about the Ebola virus continue, the directors of Georgia Tech’s Health and Humanitarian Systems Center remind everyone that people in the U.S. have little chance of catching the disease. Instead, families should focus their attention on vaccine-preventable diseases...

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Ozlem Ergun

Ozlem Ergun

Associate Professor
School of Industrial and Systems Engineering, College of Computing

Pinar Keskinocak

Pinar Keskinocak

School of Industrial & Systems Engineering, College of Engineering
Co-Director, Center for Health and Humanitarian Logistics & Associate Director of Research, Health Systems Institute

Julie Swann

Julie Swann

School of Industrial abd Systems Engineering, College of Engineering
Co-Director, The center for Health and Humanitarian Logistics

LinkedIn Terms of Service: One of worst to one of the best

In the past year, I’ve been picking on LinkedIn a bit for the copyright licensing requirements in their Terms of Service. When talking about my work, I routinely throw up a slide with this block of text as a visual demonstration of how unreadable TOS can be, and then explain worst case scenarios...

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Casey Fiesler

Casey Fiesler

Ph.D. Candidate
School of Interacting Computing, College of Computing

One weightlifting session can boost your memory

Graduate student Lisa Weinberg and researchers in the College of Sciences have conducted a study that shows one leg workout increased memory recall by nearly 10 percent. Weinberg explains the research.

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Lisa Weinberg

Lisa Weinberg

Graduate Student
School of Psychology, College of Sciences