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Wenke Lee compressed

$2 Million Grant for Naval Research to Bolster Cyber Defense

Naval grants earmarked to help improve national security and automotive or industrial control systems.
Thermoelectric device

Can Heat Be Controlled as Waves?

A growing interest in thermoelectric materials and pressure to improve cooling of microelectronic devices has produced new research on heat transfer.
Ruth Kanfer

For Those Over 50, Finding a Job Can Get Old

Older workers remain umemployed nearly six weeks longer than younger people.
Metamaterial waveguide

Theory Turns to Reality for Nonlinear Optical Metamaterials

Researchers have realized one of the long-standing theoretical predictions in nonlinear optical metamaterials: creation of a nonlinear material that has opposite refractive indices at the fundamental and harmonic frequencies of light.
Jasmine Burton

From InVenture Prize to the National Maker Faire

Student entrepreneur from Georgia Tech in the spotlight during White House's Week of Making 2015

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Photo Filters Help Lure Viewers and Clicks on Social Media

Why the U.S. Housing Recovery Is Leaving Poorer Neighborhoods Behind

Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head: A Mosquito’s Lament

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Scheller College of Business

Campaign Georgia Tech Surpasses Initial Goal of $1.5B

With six months remaining, the initial campaign goal has been surpassed and just a handful of individual goals remain.
Hard to Say I'm Sorry

Hard to Say I’m Sorry: How to Make an Apology

Politicians, corporate executives, and celebrities often find themselves in trouble and feel the need to apologize. Rebecca Burnett (LMC) discusses what separates the good apologies from the bad.
GTPD Core Campus Bike Patrol

New Patrol Initiative Enhances Community Safety and Outreach

The GTPD Core Campus Team launched on June 11 as one of several changes borne out of an in-depth analysis of data related to calls for service.
Jasmine Burton

From InVenture Prize to the National Maker Faire

Student entrepreneur from Georgia Tech in the spotlight during White House's Week of Making 2015
Georgia Tech Staff Council

Staff Council Hosts First Town Hall

Three sessions provided a chance for a few hundred staff members to voice feedback with the Council.

News Blog

Greece is not an island

Greek banks just announced they are closing for a week starting today, Monday, June 29.  Closure prevents Greeks operating on the panic they feel by pulling their money out of Greek banks.  Capital controls prevent them from moving that money to safety in another country and currency....

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Christine Ries

Christine Ries

School of Economics, Ivan Allen College of Liberal Arts

Fixing FIFA won't be easy

Kirk Bowman is the Jon Wilcox Term Professor of Soccer and Global Politics. With the recent FIFA indictments, resignation and kick-off of the World Cup, he’s had plenty on his plate.

Over decades, global soccer and FIFA created a multinational web of clientelism,...

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Kirk Bowman

Kirk Bowman

Professor and Jon R. Wilcox Term Professor in Soccer & Global Politics

Sam Nunn School of International Affairs, Ivan Allen College

LightSail a success, with help from Georgia Tech

David Spencer's lab has served as mission control for the last few weeks for LightSail-A, a satellite that tested the potential use of solar sails in space. He and his aerospace engineering students, along with colleagues at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, monitored the craft. They...

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David Spencer

David Spencer

Professor of the Practice
School of Aerospace Engineering, College of Engineering

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