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Georgia Tech named a Center of Knowledge Interchange partner by Siemens

Global technology company Siemens has named Georgia Tech a Center of Knowledge Interchange (CKI) partner.
Russ Clark compressed

Solving the Internet’s Identity Crisis

Researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology are developing new tools to help ISPs verify the true owner of a network and legitimate traffic paths.
Prosthesis and a Block

Opposites Don’t Attract When Learning How to Use a Prosthesis

People learn how to use a prosthesis more effectively when taught by someone else wearing a device.
Tom Barker awarded $3.5 million from NIH

NIH Director’s Transformative Research Award Funds Pulmonary Fibrosis Research

The NIH has awarded $3.5 million to develop new techniques for tracking and treating pulmonary fibrosis.
Protecting health care workers

CDC Awards $2.2 Million to Prevent Spread of Infectious Diseases in Health Care Facilities

Using a $2.2 million grant, researchers will study how to better prevent the spread of infectious diseases such as Ebola

Tech in the News

Signs of Liquid Water Found on Surface of Mars, Study Says

Discussing the “Revolution in Higher Education”

Campus News

TEQ Charging team

Georgia Tech students finalists for startup of the year

TEQ Charging invented a power strip that allows multiple electric vehicles to be recharged by a single charging point.

Drone Use Restricted during Football Games

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has set out several limitations for where, when, and how unmanned aircraft can be used.
Bicycles on racks

Preventing Bike Theft on Campus

The best defense against bike theft is the use of a high-quality U-lock to secure the bike to one of the many bike racks on campus.
Great Smoky Mountains

Students Invited to Explore the Outdoors with Trailblazers

The student group is organizing three trips during fall break.
Unicycling at Pastimes between Class Times

Students Practice 'Pastimes between Class Times'

On Tuesday, Sept. 22, Burdell’s Buddies and Wreckless cohosted Pastimes Between Class Times on Tech Green, an event showcasing the hobbies of Tech students, faculty, and staff.

News Blog

Tech+knowledge+Y: Phantom Phone Vibrations

Have you ever felt your phone vibrating in your pocket, only to pull it out and see that nothing happened? No call. No text. No notifications.

It's called phantom phone vibration. As part of Georgia Tech's new "...

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Robert Rosenberger

Robert Rosenberger

Assistant Professor
School of Public Policy, Ivan Allen College of Liberal Arts

European Court strikes down US-EU privacy agreement

This week the European Court of Justice struck down the “Safe Harbor” agreement between the U.S. and the European Union.  Peter Swire, the Huang Professor of Law and Ethics at the Georgia Tech Scheller College of Business, said the decision will disrupt the way that many...

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Peter Swire

Peter Swire

Nancy J. and Lawrence P. Huang Professor, in the Law and Ethics

Scheller College of Business

South Carolina Floods Produce Rafts of Ants

This past weekend's historic rains have brought massive flooding to South Carolina. And those floods have brought rafts of ants. News crews in the northern areas of the state are seeing thousands of living ants grouped...

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David Hu

David Hu

Assistant Professor
George W. Woodruff School of Mechanical Engineering, College of Engineering 

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