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Testing fish in a choice chamber

Marine protected areas might not be enough to help overfished reefs recover

Pacific corals and fish can both smell a bad neighborhood, and use that ability to avoid settling in damaged reefs.
Early Bottlenecks in Developing Biopharmaceutical Products Delay Commercialization

Early Bottlenecks in Developing Biopharmaceutical Products Delay Commercialization

An analysis of patented university inventions licensed to biotechnology firms has revealed early bottlenecks on the path to commercialization.
Walmart and The Walmart Foundation award Georgia Tech $2 million  grant to help spur manufacturing in the America.

Georgia Tech Receives $2 Million Grant from Walmart and The Walmart Foundation

A collaborative led by researchers from the Georgia Institute of Technology was awarded a Walmart U.S. Manufacturing Innovation Fund from Walmart, the Walmart Foundation and the United States Conference of Mayors (USCM).
HOWD Seismic Station

2010 Chilean earthquake causes icequakes in Antarctica

Study is the first to indicate that Antarctica is sensitive to seismic waves from distant earthquakes
Lora Weiss

Multiple UAVs perform autonomous formation flight

GTRI has successfully commanded three fully autonomous, collaborating UAVs.

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National Higher Ed Leaders Call for Reforming University Governance

Video games trick you into thinking you're in control, and that's bad

These Georgia teenagers developed a Yelp-for-police app

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Georgia Tech Ranks Sixth Globally for Engineering

Georgia Tech Ranks Sixth Globally for Engineering

In the 2014 Academic Ranking of World Universities, the Georgia Institute of Technology is among global leaders in engineering and other fields.
Construction of Engineered Biosystems Building

Construction Projects Make Progress during Summer

Projects on Cherry Street, near the Library, along Techwood, and at the Engineered Biosystems Building are nearing completion.
Campus Garden

Georgia Tech Receives Top Green Honors

Tech was named to the 2015 Princeton Review's Green Honor Roll and the Sierra Club's Top 10 Cool Schools.
Tobacco-Free Campus

Campus to 'Breathe Easy' with Tobacco-Free Policy

Beginning this fall semester, Georgia Tech will become a tobacco-free campus, in accordance with the Tobacco- and Smoke-Free Campus Policy passed by the Board of Regents in March.
APS Scholars @ Georgia Tech

Georgia Tech and Atlanta Public Schools launch new partnership

Initiative will increase exposure and access to Georgia Tech for Atlanta Public School students

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Annoying Internet users in the name of science

Facebook researchers recently apologized for intentionally manipulating what people saw in their newsfeeds as they conducted a study on user interaction. The researchers filtered the feeds to contain fewer positive emotional words. They...

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Amy Bruckman

Amy Bruckman

Associate Professor
School of Interactive Computing, College of Computing
Founder, Electronic Learning Communities Research Group Member, GVU Center  

How to help humanitarian aid

The humanitarian tragedies unfolding around the world have left many wondering what they can do to help. The Georgia Tech Health & Humanitarian Logistics Center uses science to improve areas of humanitarian need. Julie Swann...

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Julie Swann

Julie Swann

School of Industrial abd Systems Engineering, College of Engineering
Co-Director, The center for Health and Humanitarian Logistics

Getting a rare glimpse with a black hole telescope

Associate Professor David Ballantyne is on the science team for NuSTAR, a telescope that NASA launched in June 2012. Ballantyne helped plan the mission, which looks at black holes in...

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David Ballantyne

David Ballantyne

Associate Professor
School of Physics, College of Sciences
Faculty Member of Center for Relativistic Astrophysics