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Quantum computer architecture

New chip architecture may provide foundation for quantum computer

Researchers have developed a microfabricated ion trap architecture that could enable quantum computers.
Microfluidic device for capturing cancer cell clusters

New device captures metastasis-associated circulating tumor cell clusters

A new microfluidic device for capturing rare circulating tumor cells (CTCs) is the first designed specifically to capture clusters of two or more cells.
Tablet and robot system

Controlling swarms of robots with a finger

System allows human to control robots with finger and beams of light.
Ravi Bellamkonda, PhD - Chair and Professor, Wallace H. Coulter Department of Biomedical Engineering

Georgia Tech receives $6.5 million grant from The Marcus Foundation for tumor monorail project

The tumor monorail project, a collaboration between the Georgia Institute of Technology, Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta and Emory University, will receive a $6.5 million grant from The Marcus Foundation.
Testing CMOS Sensor Chip

Cellular sensing platform supports next-generation bioscience and biotech applications

Researchers have developed a novel cellular sensing platform for next-generation bioscience and biotech applications.

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It's Time for a Conversation

New Measles Vaccine is Needle-Free

The After-Work Email Quandary

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Georgia Tech on the TODAY Show

Behind the scenes with robots at the TODAY Show

A look at how Georgia Tech prepared for a live segment on NBC's morning show.
Andrew Gerber

Gerber Named New Director of Georgia Tech Research Institute

Gerber comes to the Institute from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Lincoln Laboratory.

Georgia Tech Team Progresses in Airbus Competition

A team out of the Aerospace Systems Design Lab designed a better way to enjoy in-flight meals.

Buzzwords Dominate Business Communication

Meetings, emails, and presentations are often filled with a seemingly endless stream of jargon that is supposed to serve as shorthand to help convey a message. Does it work?
The Peachtree Way Archival Exhibit

Archival Exhibit Explores the Architecture of Peachtree

"The Peachtree Way" features architectural renderings, documents, and photos of many buildings designed by Georgia Tech alumni.

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Why diversity matters in STEM

Diversity in STEM matters significantly and on so many levels. African-American men face unique challenges, and Georgia Tech is hosting two events in Washington, D.C., on May 5 to discuss how to attract this group to STEM. Gary May, dean of the College of Engineering, explains...

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Gary May

Gary May

College of Engineering

How do we get students into STEM?

As assistant dean in the College of Computing, Cedric Stallworth helps develop a pipeline of qualified students from Atlanta Public Schools. He explains how computer science can liberate inner city youth.

A few years ago, during an admissions discussion about African-...

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Cedric Stallworth

Cedric Stallworth

assistant dean for Outreach, Enrollment and Community for the College of Computing at Georgia Tech

Robots can be as creative as the teaching

Can robots be creative? Professor Gil Weinberg thinks so. And to make his point, he’s teaching about robotic creativity in a creative way. Instead of a traditional lecture, he’s using animation and music to explain the subject to school students and the general public in a...

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Gil Weinberg

Gil Weinberg

School of Music, College of Architecture
Director, Georgia Tech Center for Music Technology
Adjunct professor, School of Interactive Computing, College of Computing  

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