Getting around Campus

students on scooters and unicycles

Getting around Campus

Making Getting to Class Fun

By Mary Flatt | April 3, 2018

Georgia Tech students have plenty of ways to get around campus. These three have ditched bikes and walking shoes, opting for something a little out of the ordinary — and, for them, a lot more fun.

First-year international affairs and modern languages major Will Branham has gone back to the days of his youth by using a Razor scooter to get to his classes. “It’s faster and more fun than walking,” he says. When it's cold, gloves help keep his hands from getting numb.

will branham on a scooter

Will Branham rides his Razor scooter on Techwood Drive.

You may have seen aerospace engineering major Anthony Limiero unicycling around campus. What started as an impulse buy four years ago is now part of his everyday routine.

“It’s more convenient than a bike because I can bring it into class or the dining hall,” he says.


anthont limiero unicycler

Anthony Limiero unicycles outside the Fourth Street Apartments.

He taught himself to ride in three eight-hour sessions. Although it was difficult at first, he now says “it’s just as natural as walking or riding a bike" — but he has to make sure his shoelaces don't get caught.

Besides getting to class, Limiero also does extreme urban unicycling. He shares his feats on YouTube.

Fellow aerospace engineering student Sean Engelstad has a slightly different approach; he uses an electric unicycle. Engelstad originally bought the electric unicycle because someone in his hall had one and it seemed fun. Now, he says, “it’s convenient because it’s easy to take into class. The main problem is stopping at all of the crosswalks.”

sean engelstad electric unicycler

Sean Engelstad unicycles on the Fifth Street Bridge.

Newer models of the electric unicycle feature locks, so Engelstad wouldn't have to bring it into class.

For all three, since they're primarily traveling on sidewalks, watching for pedestrians and vehicles is a priority.

Bike Gif by James Ward

Of course, if you're looking for a transport option that's a little more traditional, biking on campus continues to become more popular and easy. Here are a few helpful resources:

  • Bike GT: Your resource for everything bicycle at Georgia Tech, including laws, maps, events, and more. Representatives will be on hand at Friday's Earth Day Festival to talk to you about biking on campus.
  • Starter Bikes: A bicycle co-operative shop in the bottom of the CRC parking deck where you can fix or purchase a bike.
  • Buzzbike Rentals: A bike rental program available to Georgia Tech students from Parking and Transportation Services.
  • Relay Bike Share: A bike-share program with a variety of different plans and locations around Atlanta and multiple campus stations (look for the blue bikes). Students can get a monthly membership for $8.

How do you get around campus? Tell us.