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"Food for Thought" - A Georgia Tech student loads prepared meals into a crate

Campus Kitchen

By Stacy Braukman | Photos by Christopher Moore | Published February 25, 2019


The Tech students who spend their Tuesday and Friday nights packaging unused dining hall food are on a mission. They call it “student-powered hunger relief.”



Many of us are familiar with the problems of hunger and food waste — in the U.S., the Department of Agriculture estimates food waste to be between 30 and 40 percent of the food supply. But it might come as a surprise to learn that there are a significant number of college students, including here at Georgia Tech, who don’t have the resources to eat regular, nutritious meals.

A recent survey conducted by a team from the Grand Challenges Living-Learning Community suggests that as many as 10 percent of Georgia Tech students are food insecure, or in need of food assistance. A slightly larger percentage reported feeling anxious about running out of money to pay for food.   


Enter the Campus Kitchen.


Campus Kitchen volunteers carry food in Georgia Tech's Brittain dining hall

Conor Kelley and other members of Campus Kitchen at Brittain Dining Hall.


Made up entirely of student volunteers, the Campus Kitchen at Georgia Tech is dedicated to reducing food waste on campus by repurposing and packaging meals from on-campus dining facilities to feed food-insecure members of the Tech community.

They are also working to expand their impact by finding more sources of food waste on (and off) campus, and working to improve the daily operations and offerings of Tech’s food pantry, Klemis Kitchen.

Why? Because they know that it’s difficult to be a college student under any circumstances, but even harder for those students who have to worry about finding their next meal while trying to study for their next exam.


Georgia Tech Campus Kitchen volunteers pack and sort leftover food

Campus Kitchen volunteers package unused food from Georgia Tech dining halls.


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