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Georgia Tech Manufacturing Institute Awarded NSF Grant to Educate Undergraduates

GTMI has been awarded a NSF grant aimed at training undergraduate students, particularly veterans, in the fundamental principals of advanced manufacturing science and technology and entr
Terms of Service InfoGraphic 2

Do You Read Terms of Service? Maybe You Should

It turns out, you may be giving away more than you think when you agree to Terms of Service.
Falsified emergency contraceptives

Counterfeit Contraceptives Found In South America

A survey of emergency contraceptive pills in Peru found that 28 percent of the batches studied were either of substandard quality or falsified. Many pills released the active ingredient too slowly.
Star Falling into a Black Hole

Cosmic Slurp: Researchers Predict Signs of Black Holes Swallowing Stars

Using theoretical and computer-based approaches, researchers are trying to predict the dynamics of how black holes devour stars.
Neuromorphic computing3

Neuromorphic Computing "Roadmap" Envisions Analog Path to Simulating Human Brain

Georgia Tech researchers have published a "roadmap" that details techniques that could make it possible to build a practical neuromorphic computer to mimic human cognition.

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Fake Morning-After Pills Found In Peru May Hint At Bigger Problem

A Q&A with Jim Wagner and Bud Peterson

Why an Elite Education Is Worth the Price of Admission

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The "Flipped" Classroom

Flip This Class: Tech Professors Pioneer New Learning Models

Students and professors are jointly exploring new territory when it comes to inverted, or flipped, classes.
Peterson with Students at 2014 Student Honors Luncheon

Student Achievements Recognized at Annual Luncheon

Awards presented to undergraduates and graduates for their work and service throughout the year.
Students Studying in Clough Commons

Safety, Smart Apps and Snacks: Tips for Surviving Dead Week and Finals

Practice safe studying as stress levels peak this semester.
Tree Campus USA

Tech Named Tree Campus USA for Sixth Year

Arbor Day foundation honors Tech, home to nearly 12,000 trees, with its university designation.
Students Accept the 2014 Gift to Tech

Klemis Kitchen Wins $31K from Student Alumni Association

New student-led initiative will help feed Tech students in need.

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Climate change: what we don’t know

This past week, there have been several essays and one debate that provide some good perspectives on what we don’t know about climate change, and whether we should be alarmed.

It is gratifying to see leading scientists and thinkers ‘stepping off the reservation’ to provide interpretations...

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Judith Curry

Judith Curry

Chair and Professor
School of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, College of Sciences

Cute idea, but getting ‘See-Through’ hood to ‘work’ is the hard part

I saw a nice concept over on Mashable in this article, Land Rover’s ‘See-Through’ Hood Shows the Road Under Your Wheels.  Here’s the video (which is the key part):


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Blair MacIntyre

Blair MacIntyre

Associate Professor
School of Interactive Computing, College of Computing
Director, Augmented Environments Lab

The Difficult Search in the Indian Ocean

Searchers listening for the pinger aboard Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 are entering their final days of hope. The pinger's batteries are expected to die very soon, even though there are better indications that searchers are getting closer. This is day 31 and batteries are supposed to last 30-45...

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Annalisa Bracco

Annalisa Bracco

Associate Professor
School of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, College of Sciences