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Optical rectenna schematic

First Optical Rectenna – Combined Rectifier and Antenna – Converts Light to DC Current

Researchers have demonstrated the first optical rectenna, a device that converts light directly into DC current.
Black and white RSL image 1

Mineralogical Confirmation for Liquid Water on Present-day Mars

Study finds hydrated salts on Mars, suggesting liquid water on the planet.
Examining thin film silicon

Nano-mechanical Study Offers New Assessment of Silicon for Next-gen Batteries

A new nano-mechanical study of silicon structures offers good news for battery researchers.
Munmun de Choudhury

How Celebrity Suicides Change Support-Seeking Practices on Social Media

Following celebrity suicides, Redditors show expressions that indicate increased and explicit suicidal tendencies.
4-D printing with shape-memory materials

4-D Technology Allows Self-folding of Complex Objects

Researchers have demonstrated a four-dimensional printing technology that allows creation of complex self-folding structures.

Tech in the News

Signs of Liquid Water Found on Surface of Mars, Study Says

Discussing the “Revolution in Higher Education”

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Drone Use Restricted during Football Games

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has set out several limitations for where, when, and how unmanned aircraft can be used.
Ed Humes

Pulitzer Prize-winning Author Talks Trash Thursday

Ed Humes, author of Garbology, will visit campus to talk with students, faculty, and staff.
Bicycles on racks

Preventing Bike Theft on Campus

The best defense against bike theft is the use of a high-quality U-lock to secure the bike to one of the many bike racks on campus.
Great Smoky Mountains

Students Invited to Explore the Outdoors with Trailblazers

The student group is organizing three trips during fall break.
Unicycling at Pastimes between Class Times

Students Practice 'Pastimes between Class Times'

On Tuesday, Sept. 22, Burdell’s Buddies and Wreckless cohosted Pastimes Between Class Times on Tech Green, an event showcasing the hobbies of Tech students, faculty, and staff.

News Blog

Solace in Admission Uncertainty

As director of Undergraduate Admission at Georgia Tech, Rick Clark looks for ways to reduce unnecessary stress when students apply to college. The new Coalition for Access, Affordability, and Success will reduce unnecessary stress, help students and their families identify excellent college...

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Rick Clark

Rick Clark

Director of Undergraduate Admission at Georgia Tech

The Martian

Why am I using my monthly newsletter column to talk about a Matt Damon movie? Because it’s relevant to Georgia Tech.

Last week, I was fortunate to score a handful of passes to an advance screening of “...

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Stephen Fleming

Stephen Fleming

Vice President and Executive Director 
Enterprise Innovation Institute, Georgia Tech 

Should We Pay Less Social Media Attention to Violence? Lessons from WWII and Fu-Go

On September 11th, 2001, I turned the television off. I knew what was happening was historic. But I knew my family in New York City were fine. Initial details were sketchy, and lots of misinformation was being reported. I figured, why listen to the blow-by-blow—I’ll get the real story later,...

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Amy Bruckman

Amy Bruckman

Associate Professor
School of Interactive Computing, College of Computing
Founder, Electronic Learning Communities Research Group Member, GVU Center  

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