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Brainwaves can predict audience reaction for television programming

By analyzing the brainwaves of people as they watched TV, researchers were able to accurately predict the preferences of large TV audiences.
BlackForest Aggregates Threats

BlackForest Aggregates Threat Information to Warn of Possible Cyber Attacks

Researchers have developed a new open source intelligence gathering system known as BlackForest.
Felissa Goldstein

Improved Telemedicine System Connects Doctors to Autism Patients in Rural Georgia

A recently improved telemedicine system was optimized by scientists at the Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI) and Cisco Systems, Inc.
Stroke Rehab Device

Making a mental match: pairing a mechanical device with stroke patients

Mechanical rehab device taps a person's wrist while creating a signal in brain. The signals overlap int he brain and move and the wrist.
Jeanette Yen and Team in Antarctica

In Antarctica: A Quest to the Bottom of the Food Chain

Jeanette Yen, professor in the School of Biology, and a team of scientists spend the summer in Antarctica studying how plankton may be a canary in the coal mine of climate change.

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Yes, Hackers Could Build an iPhone Botnet—Thanks to Windows

Roasting? 7 Scientific Ways to Beat the Heat

Science Fiction Reflects Our Anxieties

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Chris Jordan Attends FASET with Daughter

Putting the "Fam" in Familiarization

Father comes back to FASET with daughter 32 years after his own orientation at Georgia Tech.
Visitors Consult Campus Map

Campus Community Plays Role in Summer Safety

With new faces on campus, it's important to make campus a safe, welcoming place for everyone who is arriving and who already resides here.

Campus Recreation Center Closes for Annual Maintenance

Due to the need to perform annual facility maintenance, the Campus Recreation Center (CRC) will be closed starting Saturday, August 2, through Sunday, August 10.
Georgia Tech Forms Inaugural Staff Council

Creating a Voice for Staff at Georgia Tech

Until recently, staff at Georgia Tech didn’t have a formal means of communicating their perspectives to the Institute’s executive leadership. And given that there are more than 3,700 staff members at Tech, there is plenty of insight to be shared.
Allison Braden

Fellowship Preparations Start during Summer

For students at all levels, summer is the time to contact the Fellowships Officeto apply to many prestigious award programs.

News Blog

Sizzling labor market recovery shifts focus to Fed action

The labor market continued a sizzling pace of economic recovery in July. The economy created 209,000 new jobs while the unemployment rate edged up only incrementally from 6.1 percent to 6.2 percent. However, the latter increase occurred only because 329,000 workers enter the labor market over...

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Thomas D. Boston

Thomas D. Boston

Sam Nunn School of International Affairs, Ivan Allen College of Liberal Arts 

More Room for Space in Georgia

Aerospace leaders from across the state gathered at the Georgia Tech Research Institute on July 29 to develop a plan to help expand the space industry within Georgia. The Georgia Space Leadership Summit included representatives from academia, industry, the state government and the investor...

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Robert Braun

Robert Braun

The Danniel Guggenheim School of Aeorspace Engineering, College of Engineering

NASA Chief Technologist (2010-2011)

Economic Recovery Breaks New Ground – it’s Normal!

The Labor Department latest jobs report, covering activity in June, revealed 288,000 new jobs were created and the unemployment rate declined to 6.1 percent from 6.3 percent the month before. If the current pace of recovery continues, according to Thomas “Danny” Boston, a...

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Thomas D. Boston

Thomas D. Boston

Sam Nunn School of International Affairs, Ivan Allen College of Liberal Arts