Campus Plays Host to Myriad Summer Guests

FASET Orientation began this week for freshmen who will start their careers at Tech this fall. With these sessions, plus summer camps, conferences, and other activities taking place at Tech’s many award-winning facilities, Georgia Tech is hosting visitors from around the world this summer.

FASET Opportunities Fair
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The campus community can help these visitors have a pleasant experience and ensure the safety of all with a few simple behaviors.

  • Make eye contact with those you pass. Walk with purpose and confidence, and be alert.
  • Offer assistance to those looking lost. If you see a person or group that seems a bit aimless or is lingering at the campus map, offer some directional assistance.
  • Stay on well-lit streets and paths. If giving directions, advise others to do the same.
  • Do not allow strangers to use your cellphone or other devices. Putting your device in someone else’s hand makes you vulnerable to theft. If someone asks for this sort of assistance, point him or her toward the Georgia Tech Police Department (GTPD), which can offer assistance at its headquarters on Hemphill Avenue.
  • See something, say something. As always, if something seems suspicious, call GTPD at 404-894-2500; save the number in your phone so you're prepared. Even if it’s nothing, GTPD will be glad you called.

Visit for more crime prevention tips and information.