New Group of President's Scholars Arrives on Campus

An accomplished group of new students and their families gathered Monday after their FASET orientation to be welcomed by President G. P. “Bud” Peterson as the 2013 incoming class of Georgia Tech President’s Scholars.

2013 President's Scholars
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A new class of President's Scholars were welcomed to campus on July 8, 2013, in a ceremony at the Alumni House.

The group of 51 students come to Tech from 14 states and includes the first international President’s Scholar from the United Kingdom. These students have already excelled academically and in a myriad of other areas including sports, music, community service, research and business.

“You have barely stepped foot on campus and you’re already innovators and leaders,” Peterson told the new Yellow Jackets and their families Monday. “While what you’ve already accomplished is impressive, there is no limit to your potential, here at Georgia Tech and when you enter the work world or graduate school in a few short years.”

The group includes Gold Awards and Eagle Scouts, small business owners, nonprofit founders, medical interns and researchers, newspaper editors, collegiate athletes, musicians, and a litany of other roles and accomplishments. They’ll begin to coalesce as a group with an outdoor experience prior to the start of the fall semester.