5 Graduate Students Selected as NASA Research Fellows

Five Georgia Tech students have been selected to be part of NASA’s 2013 class of Space Technology Research Fellows, making Tech the most widely represented institution in the program.

The program awards funding to graduate students whose research topics will “bolster America’s competitiveness in a knowledge-based, global technology economy while enabling our space exploration goals.”

The Tech students are in company with 65 others from around the country, including students from some of Tech’s peer institutions such as the California Institute of Technology, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, University of Texas—Austin, and Purdue University.

A list of all of the projects selected can be found on NASA’s website.

The Tech students who were selected, along with their research focus, are:

  • Hisham Ali - Sustainable In Space Manufacturing Through Rapid Prototyping Technology
  • Alexandra Long - Deployable Drag Device for Launch Vehicle Upper Stage Deorbit
  • Matthew Miller - Decision Support Tool Development for Human Extraterrestrial Extravehicular Activity
  • August Noevere - Improving the Fidelity of Structural Analysis and Sizing in Multi-Disciplinary Design of Space Systems
  • Olutobi Ogunleye - Low-T, Low-Q Cryocoolers for Science Instruments