AT&T to Open Innovation Center in Tech Square

Tech Square will soon be adding another innovative tenant to its roster — AT&T.

The AT&T Foundry in Atlanta, which represents an investment of $3 million, will lead the way in developing the next generation of lifestyle applications and services. The Foundry is the result of collaboration among AT&T, Cisco, Georgia Tech, and state and local business and political leadership.  

Located in the Centergy Building in Tech Square, the 10-person Foundry team will test and develop products involving AT&T’s recently launched home security and automation service, Digital Life.

The team will also create new apps and services related to the “connected car,” mobility, emerging devices, and AT&T U-verse. Host sponsor Cisco will collaborate with AT&T on projects and help identify key third-party developers, startups, investors, inventors, and other entrepreneurs to bring into the facility.