Finals Week Requires Additional Safety Measures

Study groups, long hours and extra doses of caffeine are all prevalent on campus this time of year as final exams get underway. Unfortunately, with students on campus at later and different hours than usual, and perhaps in a more tired state, these circumstances can also create opportunities for crime.

During the next week, if you are around campus at odd hours preparing for finals or taking care of other year-end activities, remember to be aware of your surroundings, and “if you see something, say something.” Report suspicious behavior to the Georgia Tech Police Department (GTPD) at 404-894-2500.

The Library and Clough Commons are both open 24-hours to accommodate student schedules during this time. Students are encouraged to walk with others after dark and be aware of their surroundings. When possible, take the Stingerette or Midnight Rambler bus to your destination.

In addition, if you haven’t registered for Jacket Guardian, you may do so for free and use the timer feature when walking to or from your residence hall or vehicle. The timer allows you to indicate the expected length of time it will take you to reach a specified destination and sends an alert to the police if the timer expires, providing your GPS location so they can come ensure your safety. All information is secure and private unless an alert is activated. Sign up at

GTPD also offers the following tips for safety year-round:

  • Register valuables (including laptops, smartphones, tablets and bicycles) with GTPD here
  • Activate location services on your electronic devices when possible. 
  • Avoid working or studying alone in a building at night. Have a friend available for emergencies.
  • Park in a well-lit area, near other vehicles, or in a high-traffic area.
  • In your vehicle, keep packages and valuables out of sight — either under a seat, in a glove box or in the trunk.
  • When leaving your vehicle, ensure your windows are rolled completely up and your doors are locked.
  • Keep doors and windows secured — avoid propping doors open, even for a short time.
  • When possible, use ATMs during the day. If you must do so at night, use an indoor or otherwise well-lit machine.
  • Avoid using stairs in remote sections of a building.