Engineers at Play: Students Tackle Gaming Gauntlet in a Semester

Georgia Tech held a student game developers day April 5 in the Clough Undergraduate Learning Commons where students showed off playable games they created in a single semester, wrapping 13 weeks of marathon programming, designing and testing.

Georgia Tech students finished a 13-week gaming gauntlet in April showing off playable video games created in a semester. Computational and Digital Media students share their experience in starting and finishing a game.

About 40 undergraduate and graduate students finished the gaming gauntlet in which the students organized themselves into development teams and met weekly to ensure completion of the games through VGDev, Georgia Tech’s student video game developers group. The games were playable for the crowd of more than 100 attendees and will be ready in time for finals week free on the web and mobile devices at

One aspect that sets apart VGDev's work is that the projects are led and created entirely by students in their free time, apart from any course credit, which has helped in shaping the interdisciplinary group, says Chris DeLeon, a Ph.D. Student in the Digital Media program at Georgia Tech and founder of the development community.

Games from previous semesters are currently available for free at