Online Guide Provides Students Licensing Lowdown

A love of Georgia Tech among students is one of the Institute’s greatest assets, and is seen most passionately in student activities. One way students can show their love for the Institute is by using its logos and trademarks in a way that’s consistent with and complements Tech’s existing identity.

Students Hand Out T-Shirts Using Interlocking GT
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Students and student organizations are encouraged to use Tech logos and trademarks, and are simply asked to gain approval first. To help students navigate the use of Buzz, the Ramblin’ Wreck, the interlocking GT and other Tech-related images, Institute Communications has created the Student Licensing Guide. This guide covers many basic questions, such as how to get approval for artwork and how to find a company to make your product.

Of course, a guide doesn’t replace human interaction and won’t necessarily answer all your questions. Whether designing an organization logo to use on a website or a T-shirt for an annual event, Institute Communications is here to help you create something to represent your organization while maintaining the integrity of Georgia Tech’s visual identity, and you can contact us anytime.

Looking for other resources for your student organization? The Special Events and Protocol team offers an Event Planning Toolbox with checklists and templates to help you get started. Want to promote your event to campus? Check the Student Communications Resources to see which avenues are best for what you’ve got going on.

The Student Licensing Guide is available online and for download as a pdf.