New Online Profiles Showcase Student Achievements

For students looking for a new way to display their academic and extracurricular achievements, may be the next frontier in online profiles. Claim Profile
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After clicking through the initial achievement email and requested to claim their profile, students will receive an email similar to this one to complete the process of claiming their profile.

The online system allows students who have earned certain achievements to build a profile and add badges to represent various activities and work experience. When completed, the profile is similar to a visual resume or LinkedIn page and can be used to promote students’ accomplishments throughout their time at the Institute.

The Institute issues notifications, which are essentially invites to, when students earn Faculty Honors, make the Dean’s List, enroll as President’s Scholars or graduate. A brief, personalized news article accompanies each achievement on a student’s profile. This week, for the first time, Tech will issue a notice to all newly enrolled students, resulting in all freshmen having access to

Georgia Tech has long distributed announcements to hometown newspapers across the country, highlighting its students’ achievements using readMedia, the parent company of Now, students can capitalize on those announcements by claiming and completing their profile when they earn an achievement from Georgia Tech. Part of's goal is to help students enhance their online presence, letting recruiters and employers find positive, validated information — the "good stuff" — when students pursue a job hunt. 

To claim your profile:

  • Look out for an achievement notification this week, retrieve one from the past or see if you’re included in Georgia Tech’s list of student achievements.
  • Use the Connect to Facebook application to log in and edit your profile. If you don’t want to publish anything on your Facebook profile, simply “X” out of both options in the dialog box that appears when connecting through Facebook, then click “Skip.”
  • Once you’ve claimed your profile, save the link as a bookmark or favorite to easily return to it and update your activities. You can always edit your profile by clicking the blue “Login” button at the top left of your profile page, then the “Edit Profile” link on the top right of your profile once you’re logged in.