Students Devote Week to Campus Safety

In an effort to encourage peers to be vigilant in their own personal safety, a group of students has established the first student-led Campus Safety Campaign. The campaign will run from Sept. 4-7 with activities each day focusing on a certain type of safety or concern: Tuesday is transportation, Wednesday is theft, Thursday is alcohol safety and Friday is personal safety.

Student Campus Safety Campaign 2012
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“We know the administration and police department are doing a lot, and we thought it was time the students did something — for the students, by the students,” said Evelyn Murray, a fifth-year computational media major and one of the campaign’s leaders. The campaign arose out of conversations at the annual Student Leader Retreat held in January.

The home base for campaign activity will be on Tech Walk, where students will be able to share feedback on campus safety, as well as learn more about where and how crime occurs near campus. A 10-by-10-foot map on Tech Walk will provide a place for students to mark what areas of campus feel less safe and suggest improvements. Computers will also be on-site for students to register for Jacket Guardian, as well as register laptops and bicycles with GTPD.

An “If I Were a Thief” campaign will highlight the issue of students leaving their belongings vulnerable to theft. WRECKless, a student group that organizes non-alcoholic parties, will throw a party Friday, and the Interfraternity Council will host a Party Done Right to share information on and practice Tech’s alcohol and party policies. 

“We’re encouraging all student organizations to be involved however they see fit,” Murray said. Organizations can still get involved in the week’s events by contacting Murray, Mike Mosgrove or Hunter Hammond. The organizers hope to be able to identify future campus projects that will help make students feel safer and make the week a recurring event.

Stop by Tech Walk from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. to participate and give your opinions on improving campus safety. For more details on the week’s events, visit the campaign’s website.