Georgia Tech’s Economic Impact Approximately $2.3 Billion

According to a new report, Georgia Tech’s economic impact is approximately $2.3 billion and 18,640 jobs. The report states that the combined economic impact of the University System of Georgia’s 35 institutions on their host communities reached $13.2 billion in Fiscal Year 2011, which is 5 percent higher than the $12.6 billion reported for FY 2010.

Georgia Tech’s economic impact was the largest among the University System of Georgia (USG) institutions.

The FY 2011 study found that Georgia’s public university system generated nearly 132,000 jobs, or more than 3 percent of all the nonfarm jobs that exist in Georgia. The bottom line is that one job out of every 29 in the state of Georgia is due to the University System.

The full study with data for all 35 USG institutions is available at: