Students Chronicle Summers Around the World

As summer continues, it means fewer students roaming the paths of campus in favor of spending time studying abroad, working or interning. Those of us that remain continue to occupy campus in summer classes, labs and offices.

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Thankfully, a few are willing to share stories of their summers from whatever corner of the world they’ve chosen as home for the next couple months. Their tales may not have all the allure of great summer blockbusters, but will come back regularly with more instead of leaving you after two hours. Also, it’s free.

  • Connor Zendt: Third-year undergraduate mechanical engineering major Connor Zendt is spending his summer in Metz, France, at Georgia Tech Lorraine. Cheese and wine tastings intermingle with academics in this 11-week European program at the Institute’s French campus. 

  • I Am Liberal Arts: This collection of Ivan Allen College student contributors highlights the many ways liberal arts student spend their summers as world travelers, part-time workers and on-campus students. More than a dozen students chronicle their activities in Peru, Atlanta, England, Illinois and beyond.

  • Invention Studio: The Invention Studio maintains its blog year-round, but, unlike many student groups, continues to be active during the summer. This group of students operates out of the School of Mechanical Engineering and posts photos of its inspiring creations, providing a prime example of the way arts and engineering collide on the Georgia Tech campus.

  • James White Goes to Scotland: The 2012 alumnus and All-America golfer went out of Tech swinging when he graduated last month, and is writing on about his preparation for the British Amateur Championship and Palmer Cup. White, who graduated with a degree in management, will attempt to quality for the U.S. Amateur Championship later this summer.

  • Real College Student of Atlanta: Fourth-year science, technology and culture major Vett Vandiver writes about the many things to love about Atlanta, exploring its various fashion, dining and entertainment opportunities. This real college student won’t give you anything fake about her hometown city, where she’s spending the summer until beginning a study abroad stint in July.

  • Study Abroad Program in Hungary: Not limited to studying, students in Hungary this summer will also be interning at companies and organizations while abroad. How does a nonprofit raise funds in Hungary differently from the U.S.? Learn through these students' experiences as they navigate the role of an intern across the ocean.

  • Techies Roving Internationally: If you’d like to focus exclusively on the international experience, this group of bloggers and President’s Scholars tell their audience about travels and studies around the world. Italy, France, Germany and Czech Republic are among the many places this group is exploring throughout the summer.

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