Female Student Co-Founded Lifestyle Magazine

Technology, innovation, engineering, robotics – these are words that traditionally come to mind when one thinks of Georgia Tech. Paris Rouzati, however, is tackling a different subject with her Tech education.

Sweet Lemon Magazine - Issue No. 2
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The second issue of Sweet Lemon Magazine, released on January 15th.

Rouzati, a fourth-year business administration major, is co-founder and creative director of Sweet Lemon Magazine, an online women's lifestyle magazine covering fashion, finance, travel and other topics of interest to women in their 20s.

“We are targeting the ‘every girl,’ not the ‘it girl,’” said Rouzati. The magazine’s tagline states that Sweet Lemon is “written by, and written for, the Jane of all trades.” The publication has been building an audience since its premiere in October 2011, attracting more than 2,000 Twitter followers and more than 500 applications from interested writers, photographers, editors and interns.

Rouzati envisions Sweet Lemon as not just a magazine, but also an arena in which women can connect with each other, build confidence and showcase their talents in writing, art, business and culture.

“In order to be successful, we have learned to adapt quickly, be persistent, think ahead, network and leverage social media,” said Rouzati of how she applies classroom knowledge to her career pursuits. “We are constantly working on how to keep improving. Our Twitter followers have played a huge role in our success through their active tweets and excitement.”

Paris is also aided in the fruition of The Campus Style, a fashion blog that has expanded from Georgia City (covering Georgia Tech and Georgia State University) to more than 35 campuses internationally. Rouzati currently serves as president, and several of her female peers at Tech contribute to the blog and magazine as models, writers and editors.

“I was so impressed that the publication was written and produced by young women all over America,” said Vett Vandiver, a fourth-year science, technology and culture major who has worked with Sweet Lemon as a writer and intern. “The magazine has been a great and fun addition to my Tech extra curriculars because I have networked with women and companies outside of the Institute and been able to get and give advice from and to young women.”

Sweet Lemon Magazine released its fourth issue on May 15, and is published on the 15th day of every other month at sweetlemonmag.com.

Rouzati, Vandiver and other Tech women working on Sweet Lemon are examples of the entrepreneurial spirit fostered among women at Tech, who will be celebrated this year as the Institute recognizes 60 years of women at Georgia Tech.