Students Earn National Academic Awards, Fellowships

Georgia Tech students are well known for earning recognition outside the classroom in numerous ways. Whether related to social, athletic or academic endeavors, Yellow Jackets are constantly adding awards to their literal and metaphorical trophy cases. Here are a few national honors bestowed upon members of the campus community during recent months:

A Mix of Prestigious Award Winners:

National Science Foundation (NSF) Grant Recipients:

  • Chastity Autry Aiken
  • Joel Aponte-Guzman
  • Justin Blaber
  • LaVonda Nicole Brown
  • William Peter Cleveland
  • Aaron Costin
  • Jennifer Lynn Dowling
  • Jessilyn Pearl Dunn
  • Christine Michelle Dykstra
  • Ashley Edwards
  • Jeremy Feaster
  • Kristin Marie French
  • Jason David Frieman
  • Sergio Ernesto Garcia
  • Aaron Todd Greenwood
  • Phillip Matthew Grice
  • Katy Ann Hammersmith
  • Christine Yi He
  • David Iseri Inouye
  • Micah Hamilton Jenkins
  • Christopher William Johnson
  • Ariel Seitz Kniss
  • Tomas Martin Leon
  • Julia Lundigran
  • Nivedh Harshan Manohar
  • Joshua Sebastian Mendez
  • Karthik Sankaran Narayan
  • Saul Reynolds-Haertle
  • Torri Rinker
  • Caleb August Southern
  • Reginald Tran
  • Jacob Yaacov Tzegaegbe
  • James Donald Wade
  • Michael Joseph Weiler
  • Lawrence Man Kit Wong
  • Joshua Zimmermann