News Blog Showcases Georgia Tech’s Expertise

Commenting on Current Issues and Events

According to the strategic plan, Georgia Tech will influence technological, social and policy decisions that address critical global challenges. This expertise will now be showcased in the Amplifier, a multi-contributor news blog pairing current issues with commentary from Georgia Tech experts and providing a forum to spotlight, "What does Georgia Tech think?"

Amplifier News Blog
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The purpose of the blog is to position Tech's experts -- elevating their value and exposure -- by demonstrating the breadth, depth and quality in a public forum facilitated by the institute. The primary goals of this initiative are to:

  • Better position Tech as a research/thought leader
  • Provide a unique forum to position Institute expertise in social media spheres
  • Allow all audiences to participate in a dialogue associated with Institute research
  • Help media more easily connect experts with timely news stories
  • Create a flow of high-value, time-critical content

A companion Twitter feed strategically targeting journalists has also been created to highlight new posts and other Georgia Tech news.