Undergraduates Sought for Paid Neuro Summer Research Projects

Ideas are wanted from undergraduate students in any college or area of study to help foster collaboration among neuro researchers on campus. 

The collaboration, called Learning by Innovative Neuro Collaborations Research, or LINCR, will link research groups in two different buildings on campus and compete for one of four LINCR fellowships for the summer. Students need not have performed research in related areas before, but must still be undergraduates as of this summer to qualify. Funding for the program was provided to link the many different neuro-related research on campus.

Selected students will research full time for 13 weeks during the summer, being compensated at $10 per hour. Each of two Principal Investigators (PIs) who oversee projects will receive $2,000 for equipment and supplies. Summer projects could potentially continue into the 2012-13 school year or after.

Interested students should visit gtneuro.net for more information on the program’s requirements and application. Deadline to apply is Monday, April 9. Students should be notified by Friday, April 20. GTNeuro and The Tower Undergraduate Research Journal will assist in making selections.

What LINCR Fellows will get out of program:

  • $5,200 stipend — one of the highest paid summer research programs at Tech
  • Develop research skills
  • Close-knit relationships with Fellows and PIs
  • Potential to continue project into fall/spring
  • Develop concept design skills

Expectations of Fellows:

  • Ability to devote 40 hours per week
  • Ability to quickly adapt to changing research climate
  • Actively seek to connect both research labs with your project
  • Reports/biweekly lab meetings
  • Present at LINCR conference
  • Applicants will be expected to submit a resume/CV, complete two personal statementsand provide written proposals for their summer projects.