Georgia Tech Police Department to Add Officers

The Georgia Tech Police Department (GTPD) is in the process of adding five additional officers bringing the total number to 81.  The department hopes to hire sworn officers with a varying degrees of experience.

Georgia Tech Police Department
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Georgia Tech Police Department

“With the new hires, we will be able to staff a plain clothes unit assigned to daily hot spots,” said Georgia Tech Police Chief Teresa Crocker.  “The expansion of the crime prevention unit will help us better address the demands of the campus community.”

Two of the new officers will be assigned to crime prevention while the other three will be assigned to patrol. One of the new patrol officers will be assigned to the partnership with Atlanta Police Department unit that patrols the northern border of Georgia Tech’s campus as well as the Home Park and Atlantic Station area.

According to Crocker, the length of the hiring process will depend on the level of experience of the officers selected.  If GTPD is able to hire certified officers, then the process could be completed within 60-90 days.  If non-certified officers are hired, then it could take several months before they are trained and on the street.

The department hopes to add additional resources in the future as it continues to develop technology initiatives for the Georgia Tech community.