Stay Safe, Manage Stress at the Semester's End

The Week Preceding Final Exams (WPFE) has begun, and studying will peak to an all-time high as students tap into their last ounces of work ethic before the holidays commence. As the semester draws to a close and you attempt to remind yourself of an entire semester’s worth of information, we hope you’ll also be reminded of a few other important things.

Look out for your safety and the safety of others. If you’re studying or working on campus late at night, use the Stingerette or Georgia Tech Police to get home safely. Request a Stingerette at or 404.385.RIDE, or request a police escort at 404.894.2501. Keep in mind that all-nighters are best spent at home rather than in an academic building. 

Stress is a part of college of life, but it shouldn’t be the whole thing. You can call the Counseling Center 24/7 at 404.894.2575, or use their online resources at

Study hard, but know when you need a break. Plan to take a break with the Student Center’s Midnight Breakfast, where faculty and staff volunteer to serve breakfast to students (purchase tickets online). These events are open to all students and include the eternal motivator: free food.

Finally, if you have an issue regarding WPFE policies in one of your classes, inform the Office of the Provost at Familiarize yourself with WPFE policy on the Student Government Association’s website