Students Earn Numerous National Awards During May

Georgia Tech students are well known for earning recognition outside the classroom in numerous ways. Whether related to social, athletic or academic endeavors, Yellow Jackets are constantly adding awards to their literal and metaphorical trophy cases. Here are a few honors bestowed upon members of the campus community during recent months.

National Science Foundation (NSF) Graduate Research Fellowships:

  • Shareka Banton
  • William Boyd
  • Brittany Lynn Bruder
  • Stacy Anne Carolin
  • Michelle Delcourt
  • Nicole Raley Devlin
  • Steven McBride Edgar
  • Jessica Falcone
  • Sean Faltermeier
  • Eli Fine
  • Elizabeth (Scottie-Beth) Fleming
  • Sarah Anne Fletcher
  • Sherrie Alyssa Hall
  • Susan Lisa Hotle
  • Josephine Kressner
  • Ngoc Nhi Thi Le
  • Martha Lesniewski
  • Gita Mahmoudabadi
  • Yasaman Nematbaksh
  • Nikita Pak
  • Robert Michael Parrish
  • Ben Harris Rainwater
  • Sean Sanders
  • Laura Schultz
  • Stephanie Smallegan
  • Melanie Irene Stam
  • Brandon Strellis
  • Holly Nicole Tinkey
  • Jonathan Walker
  • Catera Lanae Wilder
  • Aimee Williams (Fricker)
  • Lisa Michelle Worthington
  • Mei Zhong Zhan

Fulbright Scholarships:

  • Matt Hoffman (Australia)
  • Nancy Galewski (Bolivia/Peru)
  • Colby Mangels (Switzerland)
  • Holly Tinkey (Netherlands)

Other Awards:

  • Jordan Greenlee, National Defense Science and Engineering Grants (NDSEG)
  • Matt Hoffman, National Defense Science and Engineering Grants (NDSEG)
  • Sharanya Arcot Desai, Schlumberger Foundation Fellowship
  • Gabriel Auyeung, Writing and Communication Award for Excellence in WOVEN Communication
  • Kendra Maxwell, DuPont Graduate Fellowship Award (National Organization for the Professional Advancement of Black Chemists and Engineers)
  • John Patrick O’Har, Presidential Fellow at the Center for the Study of the Presidency and Congress

Awards from the School of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering:

  • Jemilat Taiwo, 2010-11 AIChE Outstanding Senior Award
  • Sang Beom Kim, 2010-11 Air Products and Chemicals, Inc. Award
  • Zachary Wilson, 2010-11 Air Products and Chemicals, Inc. Award
  • Marc Amons, 2010-11 Garry Betty Scholarship for International Studies
  • Avishek Aiyar, 2011 Ziegler Award for Best Paper
  • Dun-Yen Kang, 2011 Ziegler Award for Best Proposal
  • Saujan Sivaram, 2011 AIChE Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award
  • Gaurav Agrawal, 2011 Outstanding Performance in the Qualifying Exams (written)
  • Jaeyub Chung, 2011 Outstanding Performance in the Qualifying Exams (oral)
  • Donifan Barahona, 2011 Outstanding Ph.D. Thesis
  • Ryan Lively, 2011 Outstanding Ph.D. Thesis
  • Carlos Espinosa, 2011 Outstanding M.S. Thesis
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