Minimal Impact Expected from Federal Government Shutdown

The possible shutdown of the federal government on Saturday is likely to have minimal impact on Georgia Tech, and the campus will be open for business on Monday.

Like other individuals and institutions, Georgia Tech students, faculty, staff and departments may encounter delays in federal services. The shutdown is likely to interrupt processing of federal financial aid, passports and other federal documents.

Work on federally funded research projects should not be interrupted, although employees who work in government facilities could be impacted. For example, the National Science Foundation (NSF) is reporting that current awardees may continue their operations with NSF funds that are already obligated, but that grants will not be disbursed or obligated during the funding hiatus.

While a prolonged shutdown could have the potential to increasingly affect our ability to execute our mission, Georgia Tech’s Office of Community and Government Relations will continue to monitor the situation. Any changes or concerns will be posted on the Georgia Tech website.