Georgia Tech Hosts U.S. National Combustion Institute

Georgia Tech's School of Aerospace Engineering hosted the seventh U.S. National Combustion Meeting on campus on March 20-23. Organized by Professor Jerry Seitzman and Glenda Duncan, the conference serves as a major venue for energy, propulsion, environment and energetics research.

Approximately 500 delegates from across the globe attended this bi-annual meeting that was kicked off by Executive Vice President for Research Steve Cross with the address, "What Does Tech Think?"  The institute also included invited presentations on the future of clean energy and propulsion as it relates to power generation, automotive and aircraft applications as well as a poster session, exhibits and presentations from leading combustion experts.

Georgia Tech has significant research activities in clean combustion and propulsion.  This includes a major research facility in the Ben T. Zinn Combustion Laboratory located on the North Avenue Research Area of campus that is shared by seven academic faculty members and more than 100 students. Work is also carried out by other faculty across the campus including Aerospace Engineering, Mechanical  Engineering, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering and Earth and Atmospheric Sciences.