Stamps Health Services Undergoes Renovations

Beginning March 9, Stamps Health Services will undergo extensive renovations to both floors of the Joseph Brown Whitehead building. Organized into 9 phases, the work will continue though the spring, summer, and early fall semesters. Most work will occur at night and have little impact on patients.

Stamps Health Services units may relocate for short periods of time. There is no expectation of service unavailability during the renovation period. Students seeking information about the renovations may utilize the “Contact Us” form at

The planned renovation phases and dates are as follows:

Phase 1: March 9-April 11
Phase 2: March 9-April 11
Phase 3: April 11-May 18
Phase 4: May 5-June 23
Phase 5: June 10-July 6
Phase 6: June 21-August 5
Phase 7: June 30-Sept 6
Phase 8: July 27-Aug 11
Phase 9: August 12- Oct 11