Georgia Tech Undergrads Receive Research Grants from Intel Foundation

The Georgia Institute of Technology applauds 18 undergraduates who this month received research opportunities, funded by a $98,650 grant provided by the Intel Foundation and the Semiconductor Research Corporation Education Alliance.

The Intel Foundation is a philanthropic organization that provides funding for national and localized grants.  Together with the Semiconductor Research Corporation’s Education Alliance, the foundation fuels innovation in classrooms, and empowers women and underserved youth through the Undergraduate Research Opportunities program.

"With the support of SRC's Education Alliance, this innovative program of Intel-sponsored undergraduate research teams exposes our students to real-world engineering problems and contributes to our goal of giving them every possibility to succeed,” said Gary S. May, professor and Steve W. Chaddick School Chair of Georgia Tech’s School of Electrical and Computer Engineering.

Georgia Tech’s award recipients, new and continuing in 2010-2011, include:

- Christina Bins, 2011, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

- Alex Cardwell, 2013, Electrical Engineering

- Penyen Chi, 2012, Computer Engineering

- Brendon Duncombe-Smith, 2013, Electrical Engineering

- Samuel Elia, 2012, Electrical Engineering

- Aaron Fan, 2012, Electrical Engineering

- Trevor Green,2013, Computer Engineering

- Christopher Hilgert, 2013, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

- Brett Ireland, 2012, Computer Engineering

- Justin Jiang, 2013, Electrical Engineering

- Layla Marshall, 2013, Electrical Engineering

- Sebastian Palacios, 2011, Electrical Engineering

- Mark Pinturak, 2013, Computer Engineering

- Pranav Ramesh, 2012, Electrical Engineering

- Adithya Ravichandran, 2011, Electrical Engineering

- Rolando Roca, 2011, Electrical Engineering

- Jeremy Thompson, 2012, Computer Engineering

- Samual Wilson, 2012, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering