Ian Bogost Wins at Indiecade for A Slow Year

Ian Bogost, director of Digital Media and associate professor in the Ivan Allen College of Liberal Arts at Georgia Tech, took home two awards from Indiecade, an annual festival dedicated to independent games, earlier this month. His game —scratch that — game poem, A Slow Year, won the Virtuoso and the Vanguard award.

Indiecade's 2010 Virtuoso and Vanguard Awards
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A snapshot of the accolades Ian Bogost acquired from Indiecade 2010 for his game A Slow Year, the Virtuoso Award and the Vanguard Award.

A Slow Year is actually a collection of four games, one for each season. The games, as Bogost describes on his blog,  “are neither action nor strategy: each of them requires a different kind of sedate observation and methodical input.”

“As games, these rely on the procedural representation of an idea that the player manipulates. As poetry, they rely on the condensation of symbols and concepts rather than the clarification of specific experiences. As images, they offer visually evocative yet obscure depictions of real scenes and objects. They are inspired by ideas or experiences I encounter, as attempts to capture something fundamental about how they work. Game poems aspire, perhaps, toward a kind of video game version of Imagism, if we expand ‘image’ to include a logic or behavior as its subject,” he adds on his blog bogost.com.

A Slow Year will be released this fall as a limited edition Atari cartridge and on PC and Mac with an Atari emulator. A book of poetry also accompanies the game.