Georgia Tech Releases FutureMedia Outlook

The Georgia Institute of Technology today announced the release of the FutureMediaSM Outlook, a multimedia publication of Georgia Tech’s view of the trends that will fundamentally transform how content is created, distributed and consumed over the coming years. The Outlook was released at the FutureMedia Fest 2010 – a four-day (October 4-7) interactive “mash-up” to explore and enable new paradigms in how content is created, distributed and consumed in a coalescing media world. The Outlook is available as an interactive publication on iPhone, Android and other smartphones, as well as Apple’s iPad, and is also accessible via the FutureMedia website –

FutureMedia Fest 2010
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The Outlook distills six megatrends that will have pervasive impact on the future of media:

  • Data Tsunami
  • True Personalization
  • Content Integrity
  • Multimedia Assumed
  • Mixed Reality
  • Collaboration

For each of the six megatrends, the Outlook presents a fresh and objective look at current context and challenges, and offers insights into those technologies and business practices that will significantly impact the converging media ecosystem. In addition, video interviews, entitled ‘Georgia Tech in Action’ offer concrete examples of how the Institute is proactively innovating in these areas. Finally, readers are encouraged to participate in the discussions initiated by the FutureMedia Outlook through an opinion poll included at the end of the document.

“Breakthrough research, innovation and collaboration with our partners has given us a rich and pragmatic basis from which to formulate the first annual FutureMedia Outlook,” said Renu Kulkarni, executive director of FutureMedia at Georgia Tech. “Digital, social, mobile and multimedia are fundamentally changing business models and transforming how we communicate, both as individuals and organizations. We will all need to be innovators, developers and disrupters in order to seize the endless opportunities that await us all.”

The FutureMedia Outlook and the FutureMedia Fest are core components of Georgia Tech’s FutureMedia Initiative. Backed by the technological expertise of Georgia Tech, a global top-ten technology university, and bolstered by its location in Atlanta, a well-known and growing media industry center, FutureMedia will connect universities, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and industry to create a robust, open innovation environment and drive the growth of a new media ecosystem.

About FutureMedia

FutureMedia at Georgia Tech explores new paradigms in how content is created, distributed and consumed. FutureMedia is a global open innovation collaborative initiative focused on discovering, creating, commercializing, and shaping the future of media. With more than 19 centers, 37 living labs and nearly 500 faculty working in this space, Georgia Tech is a leader in discovering what is next.