Board of Regents to Audit Dependent Insurance Information

The University System of Georgia’s Board of Regents has announced an upcoming Dependent Eligibility Audit for all faculty and staff who cover dependents on a Georgia Tech health plan.

The purpose of this process is to ensure the dependents covered under health plans are eligible dependents as defined by the plan. The Board of Regents has retained the services of an independent auditor, Chapman Kelly, to assist in completing this dependent verification.

During the week of March 29, any faculty or staff who have dependents enrolled in a health plan offered through the University System of Georgia will receive a letter, mailed to a home address, from Chapman Kelly. The letter will detail the steps and documentation required to complete this verification process.

Employees will receive specific information on what documentation is required, but may include copies of marriage certificates, birth certificates and copies of other documents that validate financial interdependence. If verification is not received in the time period communicated, the dependent will be removed from the health plan.

Because this is a Board of Regents directive, the Georgia Tech Benefits Team is not permitted to accept any documentation and have been advised to refer all questions to Chapman Kelly. Upon receiving correspondence from Chapman Kelly, read it carefully and follow the dates when certain information needs to be returned. Failure to comply could result in loss of coverage for your dependent(s).