Volunteers Asked to Help Build Earth Day 'Garden'

Students Building A Garden Using Recycled Materials

Georgia Tech students are invited to construct a garden of tree-like sculptures out of disposed, recyclable materials such as plastic bottles, wooden palettes, aluminum cans, rubber tires, paper, cardboard, and electronics. A part of Georgia Tech’s Think Green Week and Earth Day celebrations, the Earth Day Garden is a unique opportunity for students to examine environmental sustainability through an innovative approach to recycling.

Earth Day Garden Flyer
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“Right now we are looking for students interested in designing and building a safe, stable, recyclable structure to go in our garden,” said student Chris Olsen, Georgia Tech Earth Day Gardner organizer. “Build a leaning tower of tires or a Frankenstein-fusion of cabinet parts and computer cases. Get creative.” Art students from Georgia State University will be available to help with the creative process.

Each sculpture must stand approximately four feet in height or less and be structurally stable. Chemical adhesives cannot be used in the construction of the sculptures. The Office of Solid Waste Management and Recycling, the event’s sponsor, will provide all materials.

Students will construct their sculptures from April 10 – 18. The garden display will then appear in the grassy area next to Skiles Walkway from April 19 – 23 as a part of Think Green Week and the Georgia Tech Earth Day celebration. More than 3,000 visitors will view the garden as part of the Institute’s annual celebration on April 23 from 10 – 2 p.m.

For additional information about the Earth Day Garden or to join the build, contact Chris Olsen.