Georgia Tech InVenture Prize Winners Announced

Judges announced the first and second place winners of the Georgia Tech InVenture Prize last night in front of a live, televised audience.

2010 InVenture Prize Winners
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Mechanical Engineering undergrad Michael Whaley won first place and the People's Choice Award in the Georgia Tech InVenture Prize competition for his OmegaWear weighted work-out apparel. Aerospace Engineering undergrad Sarah Vaden won second place for her novel drum, which uses compressed gases to allow a single drum to produce different sounds.

Mechanical Engineering major Patrick Whaley, from Duluth, GA, won first place with his OmegaWear strengthening apparel. Whaley's workout wear incorporates hydro-gel weights in the clothing, placing them over major muscle groups to help increase caloric burn and improve muscle endurance. Whaley also won the People's Choice Award, voted on during the broadcast by the audience. For first place, Whaley won $15,000, plus $5,000 for the People's Choice Award.

Aerospace Engineering major Sarah Vaden, from Huddleston, VA, won second place with the novel drum. Vaden, through principles learned in chemistry class, uses compressed gases to change the tone of a drum on the fly, while the drummer is playing. Her idea allows for one drum to produce different sounds. For second place, Vaden won $10,000.

Both winners will receive a free U.S. patent filing from the Georgia Tech Office of Technology Licensing, each valued at approximately $20,000.

The finals competition was held in the Ferst Center for the Arts, and broadcast live on Georgia Public Broadcasting. Former CNN science correspondent Miles O'Brien hosted, and Georgia Tech chemistry researcher Bahareh Azizi co-hosted.