Campus Printing Services Shift to 100 Percent Recycled Content

Georgia Tech Printing and Copying Services (PCS) has announced that they are increasing the percentage of recyclable material in its paper and envelopes without sacrificing either quality or appearance.

"Post-consumer recycled content has come a long way," said Bill Georgia, production planner for PCS, adding that the new supply very nearly approximates virgin pulp in that it has a smooth, consistent look and feel.

Georgia said the impetus for the change came about through conversations with several campus clients. So when it came time to restock the PCS paper supply, Georgia shopped around. As it turned out, 100 percent post-consumer waste content was less expensive than his previous purchase of 30 percent recycled content.

Though the savings are modest, they do represent an extension of Georgia Tech’s commitment to sustainable practices, particularly in an area that represents the highest percentage of institutional recycling. In 2009, for example, office paper represented 31 percent — or 281.6 tons — of Tech’s recycled materials. In 2008, the Institute received national recognition from the American Forest and Paper Association for the quality of its paper recycling program.

"This is a great step for Georgia Tech," said Cindy Jackson, manager of Recycling Services. "It also sends a strong message to those who still contend that recycled paper is of inferior quality and won’t work in a copier or printer. Frankly, that is a myth."

With environmental concerns on everyone's mind, PCS also intends to offer clients the option of noting the paper is 100 percent recycled content in agate type.

"We'll have a prepared statement for those departments who want to include it," Georgia said.