Georgia Tech Outlines Procedures for Inclement Weather

During this time of year, what would normally be a regular rain shower can blanket the city in snow and ice. The Institute’s established procedures and provided resources will serve to notify Georgia Tech students, faculty and staff of any campus closings.

Tech’s home page will provide updated information on the Institute’s response to inclement weather, and local television and radio stations are notified in the early morning hours of Georgia Tech’s response to predicted or occurring threatening weather. The Georgia Tech Police Department also will update the Inclement Weather Hotline at 404-894-0500.

“In the event of inclement winter weather, please check the Georgia Tech Web site and with your local news channel for campus information,” said Steve Swant, Executive Vice President of Administration and Finance. “Although there is a chance that there will be some spotted icy conditions on Friday morning due to some refreezing precipitation, it is unlikely that Tech will close. On the other hand, use common sense and consult with your supervisor if you do not think you can safely get to work during your normal hours.”

When necessary, the Institute may declare classes cancelled or campus closed. Other declarations may include classes canceled until time or classes cancelled, but staff report to work. The specific type of declaration that is made will determine which employees are required to come to work.

With a classes cancelled condition in effect, all classes and instructional laboratories are affected. Students and instructional faculty are not required to report to campus. Administrative and research activities not directly tied to the instructional function will generally continue as normal, unless otherwise instructed by a supervisor. Other support employees may also be instructed not to report to work at the discretion of the administrator responsible for each major division.

With a campus closed condition in effect, no employees are to report to work, except those previously designated as “emergency essential” by their department, or otherwise instructed by a supervisor.

Students, faculty and staff can also register for SmartRAD, Georgia Tech’s weather information and monitoring system, to receive e-mail notification of potentially hazardous weather.