Suggestions for E-mail, Voice Mail Messages During Furlough

The Office of the President has suggested e-mail and voice mail guidelines for faculty and staff required to be out for furlough days from December 21 to 24 and winter break from December 25 to January 3, 2010.

Additionally, it is suggested that each office or department determine a phone number where someone will answer the phone in the case of an urgent business matter or who will check voice mail messages during the furlough week.

The suggested message is as follows:

"Thank you for contacting the [OFFICE]. Business operations on the Georgia Tech campus are curtailed the week of December 21st to December 24th. Campus is closed December 25th through January 1st. Normal business operations will resume January 4th. If you have an urgent business matter, please call [PHONE NUMBER].  For life and safety emergencies, call the campus police at 404-894-2500. Thank you."