Student Center Hosts Organic Farmer's Market

Georgia Tech Dining (GT Dining) hosted a farmer's market in the Student Center on November 12.  The market featured a variety of local products including fresh produce and organic yogurt.

"GT Dining is committed to purchasing local and organic products," said GT Dining Marketing Manager Dori Martin. "We want to support the local economy and offer our customers an array of local and organic items for purchase."

The farmers that attended the market were already familiar with Georgia Tech's commitment to sustainable dining practices. "We have been purchasing from the featured farmers for some time and wanted our customers to have the opportunity to meet them, and vice versa," said Martin.
Special efforts to support sustainable dining are encouraged by many groups in the Georgia Tech community, such as Students Organizing for Sustainability (S.O.S.) and The Office of Environmental Stewardship.  "GT Dining committed to hosting a farmer's market once a semester to Students Organizing for Sustainability," said Martin. 

Farmer's Market
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The next farmer's market will take place during Georgia Tech's Earth Day celebration on April 23.