Georgia Tech Refers Case to State Attorney General's Office for Action

A case involving two professors from the Georgia Institute of Technology has been referred to the Attorney General of Georgia for possible legal action relating to potential fraud and theft. In addition, Georgia Tech has initiated the tenure revocation process for the two faculty members.

The faculty members are suspected of dual employment and double billing their time to the Institute, falsifying travel reimbursement documents and other potentially illegal actions. To date, the investigation has revealed approximately $100,000 in questionable activity.

"This is an isolated case that does not reflect on the character of our outstanding faculty who, through their demonstrated integrity, daily earn the respect of their peers and society," said James Fetig, associate vice president, Georgia Tech Communications and Marketing.

A review of expense records by the Georgia Tech Department of Internal Audits revealed the suspicious activity. While the total amount resulting from the questionable spending has not yet been determined, it is initially believed that the funding sources were private research grants and that no public funds were involved.

Georgia Tech will work closely with the Attorney General's Office as the investigation continues.