Clough Volunteers Buzz for Smithsonian Exhibit

Buzz Goes to Washington

President Wayne Clough, soon to be the head of the Smithsonian Institution, has volunteered beloved Georgia Tech mascot Buzz for the Smithsonian's planned "Giant Insects" exhibit. Buzz will be flown to Washington, D.C., where he will be put on permanent display in the National Museum of Natural History.

"As the largest yellow jacket in the world, I think Buzz is perfectly suited to represent wasps in the exhibit," Clough said. "I'm sure he'll be thrilled to accept this honor."

Buzz could not be reached for comment on his new role in the "Giant Insects" exhibit by press time but several friends noted that he'd been in seclusion for several days to ponder his new assignment.

"Buzz is usually very upbeat, buzzing around to shake practically every hand in the stadium," said long-time friend George P. Burdell. "But since the announcement, he's been unusually quiet and pretty much keeps to himself."

"Maybe he's practicing for his new role," added Burdell.

Clough has announced plans for a new Georgia Tech mascot - Dusty the Dust Mite - to replace Buzz

"Dusty is nano-sized and full of determination," Clough said. "He's the living embodiment of Georgia Tech's fierce nano-spirit."

While admittedly micro-sized, Dusty was considered to be the best candidate for a tiny mascot to represent Georgia Tech's nano prestige.

Georgia Tech fans will be able to enjoy Dusty's tiny antics at all major sporting events via a specialized instrument that will broadcast his image to a giant display nearby.