Condolence Letter to Northern Illinois University

Dr. John G Peters, President
Northern Illinois University
1425 West Lincoln Highway
Dekalb, IL 60115

Dear President Peters,

On behalf of Georgia Tech, I would like to extend our profound sympathy to you and your campus community on the terrible tragedy you recently experienced. Our hearts and prayers go out especially to the families of those who were killed.

It is an incomprehensible tragedy when the open, welcoming nature of a university is defiled by violence and when lives are lost while engaged in the quest for knowledge that lies at the heart of a university's purpose. When that openness and trust are violated, as they were on your campus last week, every university shares the sense of anguish and vulnerability.

We extend our deepest condolences to you and the students, faculty, and staff of Northern Illinois University as you deal with this painful and difficult chapter of your life and find a way to move forward.


G. Wayne Clough
President, Georgia Institute of Technology