Clough Participates in Climate Change Discussion

Georgia Tech President Wayne Clough participated in a working session on climate change in Washington, D.C.

Georgia Tech President Wayne Clough participated in a high-level working session on climate change policy in Washington, D.C., that was sponsored by the Center for the Study of the Presidency. The non-partisan session, co-chaired by Jonathan Lash, president of the World Resources Institute, and Professor David Victor, director of Stanford University's Program on Energy and Sustainable Development, discussed effective policy options and best practices in the complex juncture where energy, environment and economics intersect.

The discussion focused on three areas: defining domestic policy, accelerating research and innovation, and identifying an effective model for international cooperation. Insights from the discussion will be shared with presidential candidates, congressional leaders, the White House, federal agencies, the research community and thought leaders.

The Center plans on offering to work with the presidential transition team next year and encourage the new administration to make this issue a priority of the new president. If asked, the Center will also help refine a strategy for effective domestic and international action on greenhouse gas emissions and periodically report on implementation efforts by the administration, Congress, the research community and other nations.