GT Duo Writes Companion to Top Bioinformatics Text

The seminal textbook in bioinformatics, now has a companion - complete with solutions. Georgia Tech Professor Mark Borodovsky and Research Scientist Svetlana Ekisheva have penned Problems and Solutions in Biological Sequence Analysis , a companion to Biological Sequence Analysis (BSA). BSA is one of the top books in the field of bioinformatics, the science combining biology and computer science, which among other things, is involved in the sequencing of genomes.

The new book, Problems and Solutions in Biological Sequence is the first bioinformatics textbook to present problems and fully worked solutions, a need that Bioinformatics instructors had expressed for a long time.

No course is complete without practice problems that help students develop problem solving skills," said Borodovsky, Regents Professor and Director of the Georgia Tech Center for Bioinformatics and Computational Genomics who holds a joint appointment at Biology and Biomedical Engineering.

Borodovsky founded the master's program in bioinformatics at Georgia Tech in 1998 and started the doctoral program in 2003. Before coming to Tech, he was author of Computer Analysis of Genetic Texts, a textbook only available in Russian.

The problems in the new book are designed to help students develop algorithms for genome decoding and extracting information on genome function and evolution.

"We wrote this book because, in the graduate Bioinformatics class we have a heavy focus on problem solving so we thought that a set of the typical but difficult problems should be explained once in a systematic way," said Borodovsky.

Problems and Solutions in Biological Sequence Analysis is designed to be used in conjunction with BSA. However, in addition to solutions to all the problems included in BSA it contains its own complete set of problems and solutions to about double the number that are currently in BSA.

Problems and Solutions in Biological Sequence Analysis is published by Cambridge University Press. Cambridge University Press has reached an agreement with a Russian publishing company on a Russian edition of the new book.