Tech Alum Gives $1.5M for Civil Engineering Chair

Raymond A. Jones Jr., an alumnus of Georgia Tech, has given $1.5 million to fund Tech's School of Civil and Environmental Engineering's second endowed chair. Dr. Bruce R. Ellingwood, a distinguished professor in the school, has been appointed to the chair.

The Raymond Allen Jones Endowed Chair will be awarded to an individual who demonstrates excellence in teaching, research and scholarship; a track record of leadership in the profession; and a commitment to the highest moral standards. Preference shall be given to an individual whose past and future contributions and interests are influential to the construction industry.

"It is an honor to service the legacy of such accomplished alumni by recognizing one of the school's most distinguished faculty members, Dr. Bruce Ellingwood," said Joseph Hughes, chair of the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering. "Dr. Ellingwood epitomizes all of the attributes and distinctions that the Jones endowment seeks, and his work will continue to influence not only the construction industry, but the engineering profession as a whole."

Raymond Allen Jones Sr. was born in Charlotte, North Carolina, on Oct. 12, 1894. He attended North Carolina A&M (now North Carolina State University) from 1911 to 1914. He then transferred to Georgia Tech in 1914 and graduated with a degree in civil engineering in 1916.

In 1943, Jones' son, Raymond A. Jones Jr., entered Georgia Tech one year before entering the army in 1944 to serve in World War II. He returned to Tech in 1946 and graduated in 1949 with a degree in civil engineering. In April 1949, he went to work in the family business at the Atlanta office of J.A. Jones Construction Co. in April 1949.

Both father and son have been enthusiastic supporters of Tech and their communities.

Raymond Allen Jones Sr. served as a member of the Board of Directors of the Georgia Tech Research Institute, and was an avid Tech football fan, having been a player on the 'scrub' team when John Heisman was coach. He was a Rotarian and a member of the Piedmont Driving Club, Capital City Club, Charlotte Country Club and the Saint Andrews Bay Yacht Club in Panama City.

Raymond A. Jones Jr. has been a trustee of the Georgia Tech Alumni Association, vice chairman of the Georgia Tech Charlotte Campaign Steering Committee and a member of the Georgia Tech Advisory Board. He currently serves as an emeritus member of the Georgia Tech Foundation.

Jones has also served in many business and community leadership roles including: helping found Technology Park/Atlanta and serving a term as chairman of the board, serving as director of BB&T Corp., president of the Carolina Branch and National Division chairman of the Associated General Contractors of America, director of the Southeast Division of Boy Scouts of America and arbitrator with the American Arbitration Association. He was inducted into the Georgia Tech College of Engineering Hall of Fame on Nov. 3.