Global Learning Ctr. Named Alumni Meeting Facility

Global Learning Center - When Meeting Outcomes Matter

The Georgia Tech Global Learning Center has been named the official meeting facility of the Georgia Tech Alumni Association. The center, located in Midtown Atlanta in Technology Square next to the Georgia Tech Hotel, has been a partner and host for alumni functions since opening in 2003.

As an affinity partner, the Global Learning Center will host events during Homecoming and Family Weekend as well as four additional alumni events during the coming year.

"We've always been impressed by the Global Learning Center's people, their responsiveness and support of our needs," said Jim Shea, vice president for fundraising and business development, Georgia Tech Alumni Association. "The facility is first-class and provides a convenient location and a distraction-free environment to provide alumni programming."

"The Georgia Tech Global Learning Center is an ideal location that is convenient for corporate meetings, management conferences and training seminars," Shea said.

The center also provides a gateway to lifelong learning opportunities at Georgia Tech. It is specifically engineered to support a variety of meeting needs including video conferencing and webcasting and is home to more than 500 corporate meetings and professional education courses annually.

"Building support for achieving the mission of the Alumni Association is always a priority for us," said Joe Irwin, president of the Georgia Tech Alumni Association. "Our alumni expect high-quality products and services from us, and the Georgia Tech Global Learning Center certainly meets that expectation."

"The center's professional staff pride themselves on delivering a hassle-free meeting experience so this endorsement by the Georgia Tech Alumni Association is gratifying," said Tim Copeland, director of marketing and sales for Distance Learning and Professional Education at Georgia Tech.

"Companies are beginning to assign a greater strategic value to meeting planning," said Copeland. "Because we only focus on professional meetings and seminars, the Georgia Tech Global Learning Center provides a distraction-free environment to support meeting objectives. We take care of the details so clients can focus on what's important - the content of the meeting."

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