Georgia Tech Alumni Create Cuban Educational Fund

A group of Georgia Tech alumni announced the creation of a new program designed to encourage students of Cuban descent to use the knowledge they acquired at Tech to help rebuild the island nation at the appropriate time. The program, "Reconstruyendo El Puente," or "Rebuilding the Bridge" is a privately funded educational loan program available to students of Cuban descent who attended Georgia Tech. Under the provisions established by the alumni, the loans will be forgiven provided that the recipients return to work in Cuba whenever conditions allow. One year of loaned funds will be forgiven for every year spent working in Cuba.

The fund was created by a group of Cuban-American alumni with the intent of eventually rebuilding the bridge that historically brought Cuban students to Tech. The group, in collaboration with the Georgia Tech Office of Development, has raised $1 million of the initial goal of $5 million.

"For more than 75 years, Cuban students have been part of the academic and cultural environment at Georgia Tech," said Juan M. Portuondo, spokesperson for the alumni. "The technical training and developmental skills that we received at Tech prepared us well for professional careers in the United States and the many other countries where fellow alumni reside. It is time to give back not just to our Alma Mater but, most importantly, to our country of origin."

The group is currently soliciting gifts from alumni of Cuban descent. With the help of Tech's Office of Development they plan to approach corporations and foundations
interested in having a pool of Tech graduates eager to assist in the re-establishment of free enterprise in Cuba.

The fund will be managed by the Georgia Tech Foundation Inc. Gifts and commitments to the Georgia Tech Foundation may be designated by the donor for a specific fund or purpose, such as, "Reconstruyendo El Puente: A Fund for Scholars of Cuban descent at Georgia Tech." There are a number of ways in which charitable contributions can be made through outright gifts and commitments and deferred gifts, including will provisions.

For all questions on the Georgia Tech Foundation Inc, as manager of the fund, or to make a contribution to the program, please contact Marta Garcia at or Dorcas Wilkinson at

Those interested in joining the Alumni Committee should contact Juan M. Portuondo at 305-361-1700 or e-mail