Dress Her in White and Gold on College Colors Day

Georgia Governor Sonny Perdue has officially declared Sept. 1 College Colors Day, a date when every college fan is encouraged to wear his or her favorite college apparel.

College Colors Day, one day before the official start of the college football season, celebrates and promotes the traditions and spirit that drive collegiate athletics by encouraging fans, alumni and students across the country to wear the colors and apparel of their favorite college throughout the day.

Georgia Tech fans have been sporting their white and gold for more than a century. Tech's traditional white and gold were chosen by the Class of 1891 and officially adopted in 1893. Blue was also originally included but was relegated to secondary status to white and gold.

So get out there and show everyone that you support Georgia Tech's Yellow Jackets by dressing in white and gold (and blue) on Sept. 1!

You can learn more about College Colors Day 2006, register your organization to participate in College Colors Day, or download flyers, logos and signs, at www.collegecolorsday.com.