Clough Invited to G8 Summit Symposium

Business and education leaders to discuss innovation policy

Georgia Tech President Wayne Clough has been invited by the White House to participate in the G8 Business and University Leaders Symposium on Innovation in Moscow this week.

The symposium will be an open discussion among selected leaders from business and education known for their successes in innovation and cutting-edge research. The dialogue will focus on the development of a favorable policy framework designed to stimulate successful partnerships between business, governments and academic institutions.

"I am honored to represent Georgia Tech and the United States in the G8 Business and University Leaders Symposium on Innovation," said Clough. "Georgia Tech is proud to be recognized as one of the world's most innovative technological universities and I look forward to sharing our views on topics so vital to the future of the global economy."

The results of the symposium will be presented to the G8 leaders at the G8 summit next week in St. Petersburg, Russia.