Robots Take Center Stage at Georgia Tech

2006 KUKA RoboCup U.S. Open April 20-23

Georgia Tech is hosting the 2006 KUKA RoboCup U.S. Open on April 20-23. The public is invited to see innovative and unusual search and rescue robots, the four-legged dog robots playing soccer and the fast-moving small-size robots at this year's KUKA RoboCup U.S. Open at Georgia Tech. Robotic teams from top universities in the United States, Germany, Mexico and Canada will compete for the coveted championship title including Harvard, MIT, Colorado State, Carnegie Mellon,Georgia Tech, Pennsylvania, University of Texas at Austin, and more.

RoboCup is an international project designed to promote research in artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, computational perception and related fields. Its goal is to foster AI and intelligent robotics research by providing a set of standard problems where a wide range of technologies, including perception, planning, cooperation and action must be integrated and examined.

More details about the 2006 KUKA RoboCup U.S. Open including participants and updated schedule are available at

April 20 - venue opens for the teams at 12 noon
April 21 - competition begins 8:30AM - 6PM
April 22 - round-robin competitions and quarter finals from 8:30AM - 5PM
April 23 - semi-finals and finals 8:30AM - Noon; finals 1PM - 4PM

The US Open is sponsored by KUKA Robotics and Lockheed Martin. For more information about these companies, please visit and