President Clough Receives Honorary Degree

Clough visits Shanghai as Georgia Tech announces new dual degree

President Wayne Clough received an Honorary Doctorate of Science degree from Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU) during a recent visit to China. Clough is only the third individual in SJTU's 109-year history to receive such an honor

The trip was highlighted by an agreement between SJTU and Georgia Tech that will allow students of SJTU to receive dual master's degrees from both institutions. SJTU students can simultaneously receive a non-thesis master's (MS) degree from the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) at Georgia Tech and a thesis MS degree from the School of Electronic, Information, and Electrical Engineering (EIEE) at SJTU.

"We are very pleased with the relationship we are developing with Shanghai Jiao Tong University, which includes aspects of research, student exchange and joint programs of study. Shanghai is a dynamic city of 18 million people that serves as a key economic engine for China," said Clough. "Shanghai Jiao Tong University is a high-quality institution with strong leadership and plans for the future. The timing is right for the development of this partnership between Georgia Tech and SJTU, and we expect it to grow in the future. I want to express my appreciation to my colleagues at Georgia Tech who have worked very hard to build the bridges necessary to allow us to establish this partnership."

Gary May, chair of the school of Electrical and Computer Engineering, credits Professor Tong Zhou for putting the program together. Zhou believes that Georgia Tech students in Atlanta will benefit from the program as well.

"GT-Atlanta students can take advantage of the program by studying in Shanghai during a summer. They may find that some Georgia Tech graduate courses are offered in Shanghai during the summer that are not available in Atlanta," said Zhou. "We also encourage those students to consider following up with an internship with multinational companies in China during the fall semester. SJTU will offer assistance to those who take a semester of courses at
GT-Shanghai to obtain internship positions in China."

Students can begin enrolling in the new dual master's degree program in the summer of 2006.

Georgia Tech is considering other options as it continues to expand its global vision for educating its students.

The president was accompanied on the trip by a delegation from Georgia Tech that included Sue Ann Allen, executive assistant to the president; Howard Rollins, associate vice provost, International Programs; Gary May, chair, School of Electrical and Computer Engineering; Chelsea White, chair, School of Industrial and System Engineering; Professor Biing Hwang Juang, School of ECE; and Professor Tong Zhou, School of ECE.