GIFT Advisory Council Taps New Chairman

The Georgia Institute of Technology's Center for Education in Science, Mathematics and Computing and EMS Technologies Inc. today announced Michael Robertson, director of EMS Human Resources, has been named chairman of the 2003 GIFT Advisory Council.

GIFT, or the Georgia Industrial Fellowships for Teachers program, offers teachers throughout Georgia summer fellowships in business, industry, public science institutes and research. Teachers bring those experiences back into their classrooms to give students insight into real-world careers.

Robertson has served on the GIFT Advisory Council for eight years. Since its founding in 1990, GIFT has contributed to the professional development of more than 700 teachers in Georgia.

EMS, the state's leading space-technology company and a leading supplier of RF hardware for a variety of satellite and wireless markets, has mentored more than 10 teachers in the GIFT program.

"Mike is leading the enhancement of GIFT's Advisory Board, which will include representatives from area school districts and representatives from Georgia Tech in addition to business leaders," said CEISMC Director Paul Ohme. "He has the vision and attributes that it will take to help the program grow through better partnerships within the state."

"GIFT is expanding its horizons by broadening the roles to which students are exposed through their teachers' summer work experiences," Robertson said. "It's gratifying to guide a program that is laying the groundwork for science and math careers for our young people.

"We need engineers and other skilled workers," Robertson said. "Students that teachers are touching today are our employees tomorrow."

EMS Technologies Inc. (NASDAQ: ELMG) is a leading innovator in the design and manufacture of wireless, satellite and defense solutions, and focuses its unique range of advanced technologies on the needs of broadband and mobile information users. The company is headquartered in Atlanta, employs approximately 1,700 people worldwide, and has manufacturing facilities in Atlanta, Montreal, Ottawa and Brazil.